Slingking® water balloon slingshots have been the leader in outdoor water fun since 1988. We offer the highest quality materials and the best guarantee in the business.


Slingking® Kits are completely unique as the Patented Launcher is ONLY available through Slingking® or its affiliates. Vibrant colors and our exclusive “fill anywhere” balloon filler are not available with other imitation slingshots. All Slingking® water balloon launchers are shipped in ready-to-use “kits” -just add water!


Many celebrities have been named to the SLINGKING® Hall of Fame. Including, BRUCE JENNER, DOWNTOWN JULIE BROWN, JOAN RIVERS, PAT SAJAK, and the list continues to grow!


Slingking Sports Teams


SLINGKING® provides many sports venues with our slingshots for launching tee-shirts into the crowd. The MIAMI HEAT, HOUSTON ROCKETS, HOUSTON ASTROS, DAYTON DRAGONS, NHRA and MANY more.


SLINGKING’s exclusive balloon filling system allows you to fill water balloons ANYWHERE with or without a faucet. Our special cap fits a standard outdoor faucet or garden sprayer, as well as the collapsible bottle for filling balloons anywhere!