Slingking® Water Balloon Launchers - Just Add Water!

Slingking® Water Balloon Launchers - Just Add Water!

The Slingking Beast Mega Slingshot

The Slingking® Beast™ Mega Slingshot™ With the patented high quality Slingking® brand water balloon launcher, you will fire water balloons 300 Yards! The Slingking®™ Beast™ Mega Slingshot™ can be mounted for single person use. All...

The Slingking Water Balloon Cannon

The Slingking® Water Balloon Cannon™ This 3-man water balloon cannon launches 3″ water balloons over 200 yards! The Slingking® Water Balloon Cannon™ consists of heavy-duty latex bands, and a very durable pouch designed for reliable...

The Slingking Water Balloon Launcher

The Slingking® Water Balloon Launcher™ The original wrist-rocket style one person water balloon slingshot. Take aim and launch water balloons 100 yards! The Ready-To-Use Kit Includes: —Slingking® Water Balloon Launcher™ —Patented Balloon Filling System —100...

Slingking Accessories

Must Have Official Slingking® Accessories The Slingking® Water Balloon Targets™ For all Slingking® Water Balloon Launchers This Slingking® Water Balloon Accessory pack includes: —10 Official Water Balloon Targets SHOP NOW   The Slingking® Super Balloon...

Official Slingking® Water Toys

Slingking® Water Balloon Launchers, Cannons and Slingshots

Our retro promotional video, enjoy! >>>>>> Slingking Water Balloon Launchers Slingking® water balloon slingshots have been the leader in outdoor water fun since 1988. We offer the highest quality materials and the best guarantee in the business. Slingking® kits are completely unique as the Patented Launcher is ONLY available through …

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