The Slingking Beast Mega Slingshot

The Slingking® Beast™ Mega Slingshot™

With the patented high quality Slingking® brand water balloon launcher, you will fire water balloons 300 Yards! The Slingking®™ Beast™ Mega Slingshot™ can be mounted for single person use. All our products are backed by our product guarantee. Get your game on this summer! You will love this water balloon launcher!

The Slingking® Beast™ Ready-To-Use Kit Includes:

—Beast Mega Slingshot™ with Huge 10″x10″ Recoil Pouch™
—Patented Balloon Filling System
—300 Biodegradable balloons
—Official Target
—Full Instructions

Our high quality construction Recoil Pouch™ is ONLY available through Slingking®™. The Slingking® BEAST™ pouch will NEVER bunch up after a shot! Win the battle and the war with original Slingking®™ water balloon launchers!